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DR-109 Builder's Manuals

Examples pasted from some of the SEVEN manuals are shown below...

  1. Managing Director
    Canopy and Wing Ribs
    Detailed assembly directions and kit photos.
  2. Managing Director
    Rigging and Brake Line Install
    Pages from the rigging and the landing gear sections
  3. Managing Director
    Ailerons and Wing Hardware
    Clear photos, explanations, and parts details.
  4. Managing Director
    Stick and Pedals Installations
    Step-by-step instructions for systems and subassembly installations.
  5. Managing Director
    Kit Contents, Parts Lists
    Tools, Materials, Parts, and Assemblies lists throughout.
  6. Managing Director
    Parts overviews, construction hints.
Sample Manual Pages

This is the level of detail and clarity you can expect in each page of every manual.  These manuals are delivered in pdf format so you aren't paying for a huge stack of binders, and you can replace any pages you lose or destroy in the shop.  The manuals were made from the original DR-109 prototype, and are an excellent complement to the plans.